Nov. 15th, 2010

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i would have normally been back right after the first day of school blabbing about what happened in PE and duty but wth, i got sick. with what? it's a 7 letter word called MEASLES that kinda got to me. i've been antsy since, say tuesday night. i wrote in my last entry that i was not feeling well because of fever and my anemia. yes, i was in FEVER LIMBO (read: my temp was alternating from 37.5-37.6 like my body was trying to decide if it wants a fever or not.) okay, so i drank medicine so i could go to school the next day. then came wednesday, i woke up at 5:00 am, went to PE, went to my building then realized that i was wearing a wrong uniform, went home, changed, went back to school. duty starts at 1pm so i had much to kill. so the professors had a meeting, yay! duty started at 3:30pm T__T at 12-ish, i met up with my groupmates and they said that i was red and hot. i know i had a fever, i know that i should prolly go home but i didn't. so when i got home, i was burning. i even commuted home so the whole time in the jeepney, i could feel my face burning because it was so hot. anyway, when i got home, i ate, then went to sleep. srsly, it was completely anti-climactic. the next day, i didn't go to school because i had a higher fever and i saw spots. T__T it was measles. :( i've been absent for 3 days now.


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