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Title: moments not meant to be
WC: 1 600+
Pairing: Tegoshi/Ryeowook
Disclaimer: Not mine, duh.
A/N: Dedicated to
[info]otoke1315 . I've owed her a fic since summer and I just got around to doing it now. While in class, nonetheless. But whatever, inspiration comes at opportune times, like when a ghost is walking in front of you. I thank [info]juuten for coming up with the title and for being super supportive. I love you guys. ♥

Practice ended late and Ryeowook was still not in the mood to go back to the hotel. It was one of those days when he just wants to be alone, in the corner at a bar, drinking to his heart's content. Being in Tokyo, surrounded by rowdy boys had taken its toll on him. On the other hand, going off into the city alone isn't the smartest thing to do especially in a foreign country, with a foreign language that he doesn't even speak.

Dismissing those thoughts, Ryeowook still wandered off, scouting for a quiet bar, away from the spolight and screaming fans. He found a hole-in-the-wall bar in Shibuya, filled with drunk businessmen. He simply ignored them and proceeded to order a bottle of sake then settling in a booth in the corner. The booth, located in the corner, overlooks the whole bar and he can see who is entering and leaving the bar.

On his third glass, he noticed a young man, pretty and slender, enter the bar. The young man looked as out-of-place as he is. The man looks around the bar but every table is occupied. He was about to leave when he noticed Ryeowook looking at him so he decided to walk towards the booth.

"May I join you?" The young man asked Ryeowook in japanese, voice flowing out of his mouth smoothly.

"Huh? Me-- cannot understand," Ryeowook stuttered in broken english.

"Ah," the young man whispered under his breath, "I join you?" He asked in stilted english, voice heavily accentuated.

"Hai," Ryeowook answered and the young man beamed.

Ryeowook watched as the young man ordered beer, sipped then put the glass down then looked at him, smiling.

"Your name?" The young man asked in a high voice.

"Ryeowook," He answered.

"I'm Tegoshi Yuya. Call me Tego," Tego answered cheerfully.

"Yoroshiku," Ryeowook said what he knows should be said at a time like this.

Tego beamed at him and then continued to drink his beer. They settled into a comfortable silence not because they don't have anything to talk about but because of the language barrier. They continued with that pattern for a few hours and when it is way past midnight, people and drunk businessmen becoming scarce, they decide to part ways.

Ryeowook was surprised when Tego got a hold of his wrist, giving him a piece of paper with a number on it and another that looks like a ticket for a concert.

"My concert. Come, okay?" Tego told him before going off.

Ryeowook looks down to the paper on his hand and takes a mental note to ask Kyuhyun for when and where the concert will be. He starts to walk back to the hotel.

Upon arriving back to his shared hotel room with Kyuhyun, he was pounced on by his roommate asking where he came from and why he smells like sake.

"I just wanted to drink alone," Ryeowook answered the younger one.

"Hyung, I wanted to drink too," Kyuhyun whined then caught sight of the papers in Ryeowook's hand, "What's that, hyung?"

Ryeowook attempted to shove the papers into his pocket but Kyuhyun was faster. He sighed in defeat as he watched Kyuhyun's eyes go wide.

"Ticket to a Tegomass concert? Hyung, I didn't know you liked them," Kyuhyun asked him.

"Tegomass? Tego gave that to me before we left the bar," Ryeowook answered, confused.

"You met Tegoshi? He's a part of the Johnny's group, NEWS."

"Really? When's the concert?" Ryeowook asked Kyuhyun.

"It says here that the concert is tomorrow at the Tokyo Dome. Will you go?" Kyuhyun asked him, "It's a pretty nice seat, VIP."

"I guess I'll go then," Ryeowook answered before grabbing the papers then get ready for bed and fall asleep instantly.

The next morning came too soon for Ryeowook. He woke up at ten in the morning with the sun smackdub on his face like it's telling him to get up already. He suddenly remembered what happened last night, remembered that he's going to a concert tonight.

Groaning as he gets up then trudging to the bathroom for a bath because he smells like stale beer. He went down for breakfast and was immediately blocked by Heechul.

"Ryeowookie, where did you go last night? We were looking for you!"

"Hyung, I just went out to drink," Ryeowook answered Heechul flatly.

"You're so cold, Ryeowookie, not bringing us with you, where are you going tonight?"

"I'm going to a concert tonight."

"Wha--" Heechul started.

"Hyung here met Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS last night. Tegoshi-san then gave hyung a ticket and his number," Kyuhyun interrupted Heechul.

"You're going off again without us?" Heechul whispered under his breath then proceeded to pout.

"Sorry, hyung," Ryeowook just said sheepishly.

"Just have fun, okay," Heechul switched to serious mode.

Four in the afternoon found Ryeowook walking toward the Tokyo Dome, trying to decide if calling. Tegoshi is really a smart thing to do right now. After another five minutes, he settled to just sending a text message to the younger man in english.

"Tegoshi, it's Ryeowook. I'll be watching the concert. Good luck!"

Tegoshi replied almost immediately.

"Staff member fetch you from seat."

The broken english is acceptable so he pockets his phone and enters the dome. He pulls his hat lower until the lights dimmed. The concert started and Ryeowook silently watched as the duo called Tegomass took the stage and started the concert with such strength that it gave him goosebumps.

Throughout the whole concert, never did Ryeowook feel bored. The concert ended all too soon for the Super Junior member.

After the concert, when there were only a few people left, a staff member approached him and led him to a dressing room. When he entered the room, he saw all NEWS members inside. Tegoshi caught sight of Ryeowook then smiled widely.

"Minna! This is Ryeowook, I met him last night," Tegoshi said in a loud voice so everyone in the room stopped all their activities.

"Tegoshi, isn't he a member of Super Junior?" A man Ryeowook recognizes as Yamashita Tomohisa asked Tegoshi.

A handsome man took the initiative and approached the Korean idol, "Are you a member of Super Junior?" The man said in a deep voice, directing the question to the visitor.

Ryeowook nodded and was surprised when the man smiled at him.

"I'm Kato Shigeaki. Call me Shige." Ryeowook smiled back.

Everyone made introductions and soon enough, the group was making their way to a restaurant nearby. Inside, Ryeowook is jumping with joy because he never expected NEWS to accept him so easily. The night was spent with stilted english, being as Koyama was the only one who knows how to speak korean. At the end of the night, they exchanged numbers and the NEWS members promised to watch the Super Junior concert.

Ryeowook goes back to the hotel and without much thought, falls into bed and falls asleep immediately.

He waked up hours later with his phone ringing, the name Tego, writting in Hangul, flashes on the screen.

He picks it up and opens the phone, "Hello?"

"Sorry, did I wake you?" Tego asked in that high-pitched voice of his.

"It's okay," Ryeowook said in a soft voice.

"I take you around Tokyo. Are you free?"


"I meet you at your hotel at 10 am," then the line goes dead.

Ryeowook stared at his home for a few minutes then glanced at the clock, 9 am. He decided that now's a good time to get ready for a tour.

He goes down and like the day before, was pounced on by Heechul.

"How was the concert?" Heechul asked him.

"It was fun. NEWS is nice. I'm going to have a tour around Tokyo today. Tego is taking me," Ryeowook answered Heechul.

"You know that this won't work, right?" Heechul whispered, low into Ryeowook's ear.

Ryeowook then sees Tegoshi entering the hotel. He left, pretending not to have heard what Heechul said so seriously but deep inside, he knows. But he decided to turn a blind eye from reality. Tegoshi waved at him and they went off to the busy streets of Tokyo. While walking, Tego suddenly turned to him.

"What I call you?" The younger man asked him.

"Wookie." The korean answered.

"Okay, Wookie! Let's tour!" Tego shouted excitedly like it's his first time to go around Tokyo.

They did go around Tokyo, with Tego explaining everything to him in his cutely stilted english, heavily accented. They laughed and talked despite the language barrier and at the end of the day, when Tego dropped him off in the hotel, Ryeowook suddenly hugged the younger man and whispered a silent "thank you" into the idol's ears.

Ryeowook enters the hotel only to be faced by a red-faced leader, with Heechul by his side.

"Ryeowook, where have you been?" Jungsu asked the younger member.

"Around Tokyo with a friend," Ryeowook answered quietly.

"Next time, tell me, okay? You do know it won't work, right?" Jungsu told him in a soft, caring tone and Ryeowook instantly knows that even though he pursues a relationship with Tego, everyone will still support him. He smiled at the two, hugged them, then goes up to his room to sleep.

They meet again the next day. This time in a cafe near the hotel. They're sitting across each other, silently pondering.

"You know it won't work, right?" Tegoshi started and Ryeowook looked up, startled by the the familiarity of the statement.

"Everyone told me that, keeps telling me that," Tegoshi continued quietly.

"Everyone tells me that too," Ryeowook tells him, "I like you but we should just be friends."

"Right," Tegoshi agrees and they shake on it.

They part ways, both smiling. Ryeowook only feels a small pang in his heart as he walks away.

When he goes back to Korea, Ryeowook's telephone bill only rises a little.


Thanks to those who read and suffered through my first semi-SuJu fic (or a Suju fic for that matter). :) Comments are welcomed!♥
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