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 it's been a while since i last posted and unfortunately, i'm not here bearing good news.

everyone, or almost everyone would have heard of the hostage-taking in the philippines. i came home today with the news already all over the television. i was flabbergasted, as these things don't usually happen around here. So yeah, i came home with the news, the hostage-taking already been going on for a number of hours and i know that everyone of the filipinos and the family of the hostages are anxious of what the outcome will be. at first, i tried to go one through all my normal routines being facebook-ing, dancing and all those crap. as i was about to take a bath, i saw my mom watching the whole ordeal and i couldn't help but be curious. so i stayed and watched for a while and realized that this isn't something i can ignore. it's happening in manila, somewhere near (kinda) our school and it involved a former police officer and a whole lot of stupid present police officers and SWAT team. i stayed more, lied down on my brother's bed and started shouting at the television. it was something stupid, a former police officer couldn't get over how he lost his job and then decided that he'll take foreigners as hostages. if you ask me, COMPLETE BULLSHIT. he was a police officer and he was trained to protect the citizens and their visitors. even though he was fired, he should have kept those values in him.

anyway, they were able to infiltrate the bus, the hostage-taker is dead and everything is done, right? WRONG. the moment they announced that the former officer is dead, PEOPLE, CITIZENS flocked over the bus. they completely, fucking ignored the fact that the police just killed the hostage-taker and that they still have to completely make sure everything's safe. but FUCKING curious people just went ahead and lost all their common sense and just decided to go to the bus to see what's happening. and it's raining fucking hard. i know i should be blaming the police for lack of crowd control and all that crap but it seems like common sense is hard to come by nowadays. i don't know why they approached the bus immediately, i don't know why they couldn't have stopped and thought of what was wise to do before approaching the fucking bus that was filled and is still filled with tear gas. it just angered me that not many people think first before they act. :|

this has been a rant. i shall be back when i've cooled down properly.

i'm keeping this post completely public.


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