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Title: Guns and Idols
Author: [ profile] fangirlism_era 
Rating: R for violence
Summary: He’s not what everyone thinks he is.
A/N: My early anniversary gift for  [ profile] sheichan18 . Happy 1st year of friendship, Wifey! Here’s what she gave me. ♥ And Wifey, I’m sorry for the angst.

They see a different side of Kato Shigeaki, clumsy, prone to accidents, peace-loving, prodigy. But deep inside, there’s something that wants to come out, to be liberated and to express freely.

He’s leaning on the wall in a dark alleyway, smoking, waiting for someone. That someone comes strolling just when his cigarette burns out, stepping in front of Shige only to be pushed back by the force of the other’s glare.

“You’re late,” Shige muttered in a dangerously low tone.

“Sir, I’m sorry. Something came up.”

“I don’t care. Now, did you do it?”

“I couldn’t do it, Sir,” the man lowered his head when he hears Shige laughing.

“You know what happens next, right?” The man looks up to see the idol drawing a gun.

“Sir, please. Please don’t kill me. Give me another chance.” Shige pauses.

“This has been your third. My patience is running thin.”

Looking into the man’s scared eyes, Shige shoots him, relishing in the sight of blood spurting out of the man’s head, and smiling when he hears a familiar thud.

“Killing really makes me more relaxed. Their pleading is like music to my ears,” Shige mutters to himself.

The idol walks away from the man, leaving no trace.

Shigeaki walks away from the area, not noticing the scared expression of one Nishikido Ryo hiding behind the

Title: Hopelessness
Author: [ profile] fangirlism_era 
Rating: R for attempted suicide.
Summary: He’s the only one left.
A/N: Birthday and anniversary gift for  [ profile] nikkimeimei . Happy 19th birthday, bb! Also, Happy 1st year of friendship! ♥ It’s not snarky RyoShige but that’ll come early next year, maybe. :D

He’s running towards the light, succumbing to the shimmer that surrounds him. He knows he can never turn back.

Shige wakes up with a start, he’s sitting in the bathroom, blade in the right and gushing wound on the left. Shakily, he stands, clutching the sink for support. He hobbles his way to the bedroom where he collapses into the bed before losing consciousness the second time that night.

It’s not always blades and blood reigning in his life. He was once an idol, singing and dancing in front of a crowd, smiling fake smiles to appease the audience. That was early in the year. Spring, to be exact. They had their last concert the before going their separate ways. He was the only one who was left behind.

The next day came in a blur of ambulance, a frantic Koyama, and his worried parents. On the way to the hospital, he succumbs to eternal sleep, knowing that he is loved.

Another A/N: Why so angsty? Honestly, IDK. Maybe I just wanna write it. Anyway, I shall make something better and fluffier when I can. It's exam week so I love you BBs~ ♥
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